MiddleAged Pumpkins

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Musing
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I don’t know why I’ve had this re-interest in the Smashing Pumpkins lately. I remember seeing the band in the 90s, and although the music was fine and dandy, in the middle of the set, Corgan goes into a rant about our city and its people – dissing the hell out of us. He literally stood on stage and said “You guys suck,” plus a lot more. (Anyone else remember this?) I’m thinking, I gave money to this guy to listen to him rip us apart. What a huge crybaby and whiner, I thought. I was not impressed and wrote the band off.
But lately, the music and lyrics have really been speaking to me and I am soaking it all in like a big ole sponge. As much as I can get, too. Why is this whiner band from the 90s speaking to these old middle-aged ears? Must be the whiner in me… I don’t know, but it’s getting me down the highway.

  1. mothergrogan says:

    That’s just the way Corgan is šŸ™‚

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