Begin the Begin

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Film Journey
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So the journey of a film begins.  I am almost ready to commit to my next film idea – which is a big commitment.  I’ve promised myself to take the necessary time this go-around – to give attention to all the little details without trying to have my head, my life, my marriage, everything, explode because I am trying to do too much too soon.  This could be (should be) at least a two-year commitment – not a small commitment indeed.  (In reflection, my last film started in its idea stage in October of one year and was out of the house and being distributed in the October of the following year. Insanity insanity.)  Now we must realize this idea can change and evolve over time – more than once – and we realize that some other story could rear its ugly head and take over…that’s OK, too.

For instance: I’ve had one project brewing in the background for nearly twenty years now – and I truly believe in the project – I’m just waiting for the right time.  Other projects keep pushing their way to the front of the pack and leaving this project to wait for its time to come.  And it will.


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