Topical Issues

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Film Journey

The topic for my next film has been decided and I have begun research. This research for a film entails the topic itself, potential characters, and organizations that deal with the topic. This organizational aspect is huge because I hope to get grant help for this film – it has relevance to everyday life and the interest of many organizations. Keep this in mind not only for identifying organizations but also individuals who might have a vested interest in the topic and like to help with backing the film.  Huge, huh? Because,unfortunately, finding funding is a large part of getting a film produced (unless you have a lot of people who want to volunteer tons of time for a year or so… Didn’t think so… We all like to get paid…)

I’ve also started a notebook with ideas. These include potential characters, as well as starting to outline the plot line of the story. I like to give both of these plenty of time to evolve – let my head wrap around these characters and events so when we get down to the actual writing of the plot outline, we have weeded out most of the initial bad ideas. The rest (hopefully!) will be weeded out later…


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