The Three Stooges Review

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Film Review
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The Farrelly brothers (Peter and Bobby) pay homage to The Three Stooges in the film of the same name.  Be sure – the film will not make any new converts to the Stooge fan army; however, if you are already a die-hard stooge fan, you’ll find the impersonations, the puns, the slapstick humor, and even the style right up the alley of what you’d expect from the Three Stooges of old.  In fact, the film is put together as three episodes in the same vein and with the same music and titles just like the old Three Stooges shorts  – although the episodes are linked together by one common story.

This common story revolves around the Stooges being left as babies at the doorstep of a Catholic orphanage, where they are brought up under the careful eyes of the nuns, who shortly thereafter are more than willing to help them find adoptive parents (and get them out of the orphanage!) But to no avail, as Stooges will be stooges (from birth), and are always prone to misfortune. When we find the Stooges years later (Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, Chris Diamantopoulos) – they are all grown up (?!) and still living at the orphanage – with the orphanage now in financial straights.  Unless the orphanage can come up with $380,000 it will be forced to close its doors forever, placing all the orphans out on the streets.  Of course, it’s the Three Stooges to the rescue and they head to the big city for work and financial rewards.  Not surprising, they fail miserably, all the while getting wrapped up in a murder scheme and other bad ideas gone awry, and, of course, run-ins with the authorities.  There are underlying themes of friendship and doing-the-right-thing flowing throughout the film, so it should be considered a positive and uplifting film, and the cast is dead-on.  And there are belly laughs galore, including a funny take on AED usage with the authorities, and chaos (and urinary sight gags) in a room full of newborns under the Stooges “care.”  Those of the Catholic faith may find some of the jokes slightly offensive, but overall, if you like the Three Stooges style of humor, you will find this film hilarious. If you do not care for this brand of comedy, well, it’s not highbrow rocket science humor by any means.  But if a theatre full of dads and their 10-year-old sons having a good time and laughing it up are any indication to the effectiveness of the film, then this film is effective (and funny) indeed.


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