Christian Horror Films: What’s Up with That?

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Film Review
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The idea of Christian horror films generally creates controversy, and with the recent release of Pray 3D, like Jason of Friday the 13th fame, the debate is likely to come back to life.
Pray 3D is the latest offering (directed by Matt Mitchell) from Cross Shadow Productions, and is available through; and others. It is the third in a trilogy revolving around the character of bestselling author Laurie Curtis, whose family is repeatedly hunted by the masked creeper, who first haunted the screen in Pray and Pray 2. With a storm heading toward their sleepy town of Smithfield, Laurie and husband Michael attempt to enjoy a quiet dinner with friends. Laurie’s trepidation is kept somewhat at bay by her newly installed security cameras monitoring the house, the kids, and the babysitters, and allows her to keep tabs on all that is going on at the house while she is away via a mobile app. But the growing storm isn’t the only thing that threatens the safety of their home, and as Laurie looks on in horror, she realizes that she and her husband will not have enough time to rescue the children and their sitters.
With plenty of handheld action and ambient audio, this film has a great low budget indie feel to it, and the babysitters’ cellphone cameras, as well as the monitoring security cameras, are put to great use as we travel the darkened halls of the Curtis home, with evil lurking around every corner. The scary music is just right, as is the nice montage music from indie band Dutton ( It should also be mentioned that the storm effects are quite effective and well done, and there is exceptional work with the sound effects. The actors do a creditable job of their own in this film, and especially fun to watch is Vinc Mills as husband Michael Curtis, who brings a nice light-hearted touch to counter the tension of the rest of the film. Newcomer Elliana Esquivel does a great job as babysitter Sloane, bringing in elements of confidence, level-headedness and, of course, fear, as she resists the terror stalking her within the house.
With that said, this film puts an additional onus on itself by the fact the producers wanted to create a horror film for the entire family – at least aged 12 and up. Not an easy thing to do, especially with seasoned horror fans accustomed to plenty of blood, gore, and other R-rated elements to create the scares. But if you go into it with that in mind, I think the filmmakers do a reputable job of creating a scary film for junior youth groups to enjoy watching together (preferably during a storm with the lights turned down low; or better yet, when babysitting with their friends), and it comes with a Bible study that the group can work through together with their youth leaders. For more info, visit the website Pray 3D: The Storm is in 3D, of course, and comes with 3D glasses (as well as a 2D version and a 3D TV option).
Part 2 of this blog will look at several more films in the Christian horror genre. What are your thoughts on this whole idea of “Christian horror?”

  1. Janae Lewiston says:

    As a fan of secular horror but also a follower of Christ, Pray 3 was just right for me! It was altogether enjoyable. Watching it with friends is so much fun as I now know where the good scares are and can watch them jump! I have watched it three times in three days!

  2. Greg de says:

    Ordered two movies of Pray 3. Should be a great aid in ministry.

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