So let’s look at zero dollar filmmaking and our locations.
As far as exteriors go, some exteriors are better than others: graveyard, woods, Camp Crazed Killer, these are all conducive to zero dollar feature filmmaking, which is why there are so many low-budget horror and zombie films (besides the “fun to do” factor, and being quite popular and lucrative). Road movies are good options, too. And don’t forget a film like “Open Water (2003)” that was basically shot in a boat out on the ocean: cheap, good continuity, and lighting and noise pollution can be held to a minimum. (Boat shooting does come with its own set of problems that we’ll address in another post.) The other major location for the film was a house, which is the number one zero budget filmmaking location. (You can see one of my shorts shot in a living room, kitchen, basement, and backyard: The 2 Sons and Their Crogzookles.) Other good interior spots are offices, garages, and apartments, while restaurants and stores can bring in issues and might not be the best choices.
One major consideration would be to think about places that you might have access that others would not, so it would be a unique location for you, and one that might have had little use in other films. I have access to a church and a school, so I have come up with a couple of ideas that take place at these locations. It will give my film some novelty and will cost me nil. Maybe you have access to a clinic, restaurant, museum, any unique spot should be considered.
Remember your location when developing your story. Characters can argue just as well (and more cheaply) in a living room than a noisy busy restaurant. If it doesn’t affect the story, opt for the cheaper in a zero budget. Even an argument in a parked car in a garage can be just as effective as in a moving car. And since I can’t recall it being done before, it’d actually be original. (But don’t do it before I have a chance to, ha!) I have to say it is realistic, too, since I’ve argued with my wife in the car in the garage after a night out (and I had done something stupid).
What is one of the greatest, most original locations (but impressive) that you have used in a scene before?  Be sure to provide a link or photos.


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