Amador review

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Film Review
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“Amador” is a recent “Film Movement” DVD release, written and directed by Fernando Leon de Aranoa, and starring Magaly Solier, Celso Bugallo, and Pietro Sibille. It tells the story of Marcela (Magaly Solier), a young woman who takes a new job to pay for a refrigerator, since her boyfriend’s (Pietro Sibille) flower shop is not making ends meet. She is hired to care for a bedridden elderly man – Amador (Celso Bugallo) – by his daughter and son-in-law who have more important things to do with their time, and are happy to pay Marcela to take care of him. It’s a decent job – an easy job, and she thinks her problems are solved, until Amador dies shortly thereafter, putting Marcela in a predicament. His death leaves her jobless, something she can’t afford to let happen…
Magaly Solier does a fantastic job as Marcela, and it is no surprise that she won the Best Actress award at the Guadalajara International Film Festival (with Best Director going to “Amador’s” Fernando Leon de Aranoa). Marcela wants more out of life. She leads a simple life, an easy enough life, and it confuses her – she wants and feels like there should be more. Solier makes it easy to see her pain and confusion and boredom, and her guilt and inner turmoil are empathetically conveyed to the viewers. Like the jigsaw puzzles that Amador puts together, she, too, is looking for the right pieces of the puzzle.
Fanny De Castros is delightful in the supporting role of the happy hooker Puri – with a heart of gold – who also leads a simple life. She is different from Marcela by the fact that she is quite content with her life and has totally come to embrace it – and she is more than happy to give advice about it. De Castros is fun to watch and her character brings many of the laughs in the film.
“Amador” is a good film and has some wonderful moments. It starts getting a little long at about two-thirds of the way through, and part of this could be from the director’s ability to make the audience feel the stress, frustration, and anxiety that Marcela is dealing with – and quite the conundrum for a filmmaker – but Fernando Leon de Aranoa pulls it off well. This is a four star effort and well worth the watch. “Amador” is in Spanish with subtitles.


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