Here We Go: OK those of you who have read my blog before, know that I spend a great deal of time talking about making films with little money, while not giving up on quality. As of recent, I have targeted feature films on this blog, sharing all the things I have learned throughout my career making television, documentaries, and especially short films, with limited budgets. However, I do not have a feature film shot with a zero budget on my resume. So: I am launching a feature film project that I recently finished writing with the idea in-mind of producing a quality feature film with a zero budget, with the final goal of a theatrical run, film festivals, and DVD and/or VOD distribution.
It will be shot on available equipment and with actors who want to showcase their skills and have the opportunity to climb into some fantastic roles.
This experimental zero-budget feature will utilize long takes, limited locations, and a compressed shooting schedule. There will be aspects of the film that have not been often done. Zero-budget means lots of memorization, limited retakes, but many of these roles are showcase parts. Please keep in mind that this a PG13 film, due to some language and instances of physical abuse. Scheduled shooting plan is 15 to 20 dates (summer 2013 in St. Louis, Missouri, mostly West County), but most roles will only be needed for one or two dates apiece. (The exception is Lyndsy, who will need to be at all shooting dates.) Please  look over the cast list, and if you are interested in taking part in this production, please send me an email of your interest (and include a headshot and/or resume if available) to Please list the parts that seem to be the best fit for you. Auditions will occur in the near future, with shooting to take place soon after. I will forward sides in preparation for the auditions.

Wyatt (THIS ROLE IS CAST.) 10 year old boy who likes to shoot videos. He lives with his sister Lyndsy (14), step-sister Erin (13), step-brother bully Bart (16), Mom, and stepfather Joe.

Lyndsy: 14 years old; Wyatt’s sister; She talks her brother Wyatt into running away from home together with her. They have to be resourceful to survive. She loves to paint and is the artistic-type, but overall is fit and healthy, just not happy. Her paintings tend to be on the dark side, both in subject and color palette. This role has tons of dialogue and screen time, with emotions running the entire range of the human experience. She is in every scene.

Mom: 38-ish; mean-spirited but can fake niceness

Joe: 42-ish; step-dad, deadbeat

Erin: 13 years old; step-sister, long hair, spends most of her time texting on the couch

Bart: (also known as Bart Fart), 16-year-old bully step-brother

Dad: 42-ish; auto mechanic; nice guy when sober; monster when he is drunk; in his scene he is drunk and abuses Wyatt and Lyndsy

Rev. Keys: 60-ish; pastor at a church

Mrs. Keys: 55-ish; pastor’s wife

Mrs. Kennerly: church secretary

Bill the Janitor: works at the church

Homeless Man: scraggly; chases Wyatt and Lyndsy, at one point catching them.

Rodney: church elder

Bob: church elder

Mike: church elder

Key Man: 30-ish; Youth pastor

Mrs. Key Man: 28-ish, Youth pastor’s wife

Nursery Woman: 41-ish, works in the church nursery during church service

Ana Sophia: 5 years old; attends nursery during church

Anthony: 6 years old;  attends nursery during church

Officer Woodson: female police officer

Officer Kelton: male police officer

Extras: 5 homeless people; 6 women book club members; 7 choir members; 6 youth band members; 7 youth group kids; Bass Girl’s Dad; 4 youth group parents; 40 church members; Aunt Meredith (42-ish); Uncle Kevin (45-ish)

Thank you for your consideration. Dale Ward, DWard Media,

  1. vickie doerr says:

    dale, are the age group for MOM firm with 38ish? just wondering …didn’t see any roles for 45-50 except extras….if there is a principal role you think i could audition for let me know. (vickie doerr)

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