So regarding the colors of paint that I had in my palette for the making of my zero budget film: I had an iphone at my disposal that could actually take pretty good HD videos. I had some editing software (like most of us) that comes with most basic software computer bundles. (This would limit me to what kind of transition and special effects might be available to me, but that’s OK if part of the plan.) I had access to various homes for shooting, and I also had access to a church – which could be my story’s uniqueness; after all, not everyone has access to shooting in a church. I also had access to automobiles, as well as a farm with some horses and cows. I think all of these could be put together into an interesting story, and so I began.

If I could make the cellphone actually a part of the storyline, this would lend itself to its realism and authenticity, and explain the “look” that I would be forced to have, as a result of shooting with a cellphone. On the other hand, restricting myself to only shooting as if a cellphone in the hands of one of the characters could extremely limit my story-telling capabilities. But I was Ok with this challenge, and so “My Life Is a Movie” was born – the tale of two siblings who run away from a dysfunctional home life only to be chased into a church, where, safely in the basement, they have to hide to survive, albeit a warm place, and one with available food (although limited choices – hmmm, sounds like my film project idea.)

This idea first took shape as a story for the National Novel Writing Month project, and this novel was adapted into a script. So the novel was based on this same concept of a ten-year-old boy who shoots video of everything with his cellphone. It is his way of escaping from his not-so-good life – kind of ironic that he documents his life as a movie as a way of escaping from it – but it is this process that helps him detach from his life and he can actually think that as a director or an actor of this movie, he actually has more control over what happens – but not really.

The biggest problem that I found is that writing a story with this kind of specific point of view is a lot easier as a novel than as a movie – because I found that adapting it into a script (with a shot list) highlighted the fact that some of the things I wrote about in the novel would not actually be do-able with a camera cellphone – and I had to come up with other shots and angles and ideas and ways to get the story to move forward. Again, I was up to this challenge, but it meant I had to rewrite some of the scenes to make them work for “My Life Is a Move.”

Once the script and the shot list was in place, it was time to assemble the cast and crew.


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