“Son of God” is a new, big, grand, and glorious production on the life of Jesus Christ. Whenever filmmakers attempt such an undertaking – producing a work of a well-known and well-revered work and/or character – they lay themselves out there and exposed to criticism because of everyone’s preconceived visions of what this might look like, but with “Son of God,” Executive Producer Roma Downey and Producer Mark Burnett do a great job of creating the atmosphere and ambience, and most people will be agreeable to their visual representation of the scriptures. Actually, certain things were presented in a way that give fresh insight on how things may have actually played out, and answering some age-old questions in the process. For instance, the “Crucify him! Crucify him!” scene and how was it the Jewish people could have flipped so easily from the atmosphere toward Jesus upon his entrance into Jerusalem on Sunday. In the film, it is suggested that the Romans and the Jewish elite had separated those that were following Jesus from those who were unfriendly toward him, and the sympathizers were locked out of the courtyard and the vote before Pilate. Of course there will be those who will nick pick certain scenes: the wise men appear incorrectly at the nativity, and Jesus goes into Lazarus’ tomb to bring him back to life (dramatically with a kiss), instead of staying outside the tomb and saying “Come out, Lazarus.” But all in all, these moments are far and few between.

They recently talked at the NRB convention in Nashville about their message and purpose behind the film.

The movie begins with the apostle John reflecting on his life with Jesus from his cave on Patmos Island, and the opening verse to his gospel starts the film. “In the beginning was the Word…” and then we are shown several sequences to highlight that the Word was with Moses, that the Word was with Abraham, that the Word was with David, all brought to us in several opening minutes and using the stunning footage from the Bible miniseries: million dollar B-roll shots serve up one spectacular opening scene. (Perhaps they should go into the stock footage business and sell that great footage…)
This leads into the nativity and then the ministry of Jesus. “Son of God” proves one thing: that you cannot tell the entire story of Jesus in two hours, but I think “Son of God” delivers a good representation and sampling of scenes. Included are the lowering of the paralyzed man through the roof and his healing, Peter catching a boatload of fish, the feeding of the 5000, the aforementioned raising of Lazarus, and the passion of Christ, with his resurrection and ascension.

The acting is exceptional, and the use of a relatively completely unknown cast adds much validity to the film; otherwise those with star-power could detract from entering into the story and times. Executive Producer Roma Downey plays Mary the mother of Jesus (played by Diogo Morgado), and she is the most well known of all the cast members. And once again great music is provided by Hans Zimmer. All in all this is a great production and two hours well spent with the “Son of God.” Check it out.


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