“Altar Egos” review

Posted: August 15, 2017 in Film Review

“Altar Egos,” a new movie coming out this fall, is about a good of a title for a picture as you’ll ever come across. It encapsalates not only the theme and setting, but touches on the subject, in fact, even the plot itself. Poor young Pastor John, played winningly by Robert Amaya, has inherited his church from his father, who endearingly pastored the church for years but fell sick and died. And his shoes are certainly gigantic ones to fill. Pastor John is up for the challenge, and he and his wife Betsy, played by Erin Bethea,  have some great new ideas to enliven the church from its staid traditions, especially the tired Christmas pageant that has not changed in decades. But Mary, the elderly choir director (dourly played by Sallie Wanchisn), will have none of this foolish change. It’s the way it’s always been. She storms out, taking the choir with her, and they boycott the church. Thus, the first clash of egos…


Pastor John has come up against a brick wall in Mary, and realizes she only respects the opinions of those of her generation. So what else can he do but have his son Jack (played by Max Morgan), a make-up expert, turn him into a geriatric version of himself – his alter ego. But this only opens  himself up to information he may have been better off not having, and pride, egos, and identities clash until forgiveness can be the only path to healing and hope.

“Altar Egos” is a wonderful film the entirely family can enjoy, filled with laughs for all ages. The make-up is topnotch, and had it not have been, the film would have failed. But the geriatric makeover is excellent. There are issues of aging for those family members on the older side, as well as teen angst and dating woes for those on the younger side. Treat yourself and the family to an hour and a half of pleasure, and watch “Altar Egos.”













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