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Dale Ward began writing stories and making films in middle school and continues this passion into middle age. His production company, DWard Media, has produced many film and video projects including the feature-length biopic Walther, the multiple award-winning short Ragman, The 2 Sons and Their Crogzookles, and There’s Something in the Basement.  He was the Producer and Executive Producer for the national talk show On Main Street for seven years, and most recently is responsible for the video content for Concordia Seminary’s iTunes U site. His Bachelor of Arts in Video/Film was earned at Webster University in St. Louis. His video and television work has garnered many awards, including four Emmys and several Tellys, and his short films have placed in several international film festival competitions.

  1. Gina Adams says:

    We have a new dvd releasing this month which will also be screened in over 23 markets. It is entitled “One Hit From Home. You can view info about it on our website. If you would like a copy to review, please let us know the correct address. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Cris Wyly says:

    Are you Judy Redlich’s friend. She referred me to a Dale Ward who used to work at Lutheran Hour Ministries. I have applied for a Video Production Manager’s job there. I would also be interested in you reviewing my screenplay.
    Cris Wyly

  3. Del says:

    Discovering your website this week, I am interested in knowing how I may submit a new Christian movie on DVD for your review.

    Please review the following information and let me know by next Thursday, (3/28/13) if you are interested. I recently discovered faith-based product reviews on your website, including one for a popular Christian product, so this DVD seems like a great fit.

    Break Away DVD
    Releases April 23, 2013

    This inspirational film comes from the makers of “Faith Like Potatoes” and “Journey to Grace”.

    BREAK AWAY synopsis:

    Francois is a hard-working husband and dad that gets laid off from his job. None of his efforts to get another job succeed, and he is forced to use what he has, including an old bicycle, in order to provide for his family. With the help of his “black sheep” brother, a bicycle shop owner and a pro-cyclist, Francois makes some life-changing discoveries about his life, career and faith in God.

    Although a fictional story, BREAK AWAY, was inspired by true events around the recession that left people without work. The message brings hope and offers practical and Biblical solutions in a very entertaining way.

    Watch the trailer, and learn more about the film:
    Break Away YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDUWbhSu5z4
    Word Films YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/wordfilmsonline
    Word Films Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wordfilms
    Word Films Twitter: https://twitter.com/WordFilmsOnline
    Word Films Website: http://www.wordfilms.com
    Dove Review: http://www.dove.org/reviewpopup.asp?Unique_ID=9791

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your reply.

    Blogger Gateway

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