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Take a little “Groundhog Day,” throw in some “Predator,” add a dash of “Alien,” and even sprinkle some “Wizard of Oz” (“Courage”) and you have “Edge of Tomorrow,” the latest sci-fi action flick with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Cruise plays Bill Cage, a military PR guru who is known more for his marketing and not a bit about his soldiering (since he’s seen zero combat duty), suddenly gets on the wrong side of a high-ranking general (Brendan Gleeson). Next thing he knows is he is being sent to the front lines for a suicide mission in a massive battle between the world armies and alien invaders. On this first day of battle Cruise kills one big bad meanie but in the process is killed himself. The big bad meanie he killed has infected him, a condition which forces Cruise into a reset mode – meaning as soon as he is killed, he is reset to the beginning of the day to start the day over again in a time loop – forcing him to live out the brutal combat over and over, fighting and dying, again and again. But with each battle, Cage is able to engage the adversaries with increasing skill, alongside Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), and as Cage and Vrataski take up the fight, each repeated encounter gets them one step closer to defeating the alien enemies.
Cruise, of course, plays the same character we’ve been accustomed to seeing him as, but Emily Blunt shines as the female tough girl. A favorite character and performance is Bill Paxton as the tough sergeant assigned to Cruise. And another highlight is the great music by Christophe Beck, which really keeps things turned up a notch. Is “Edge of Tomorrow” a great action flick? Yes it is. It’s biggest downfall is there’s not a whole lot of anything original in it, but that said, it’s all done exceptionally well. You won’t find a better made action flick, and you can tell they spent a ton of money and a lot of time on it. It has great special effects, plenty of action, super cool megazord destruction suits, and the 3D is incredible. Just a quick look at the imdb site and you’re likely to see the largest collection of names for a single movie you’ve ever seen, which attests to “Edge of Tomorrow’s” great attention to detail. And for a summer blockbuster designed to get us out of the heat and into the air-conditioned theater to forget about real life, it’s perfect – it does just that. Will you remember “Edge of Tomorrow” in five years? Not likely, but it is totally enjoyable. Give it a shot, even if you might not want to see it again and again and again and again…



To Him Who Gives His Best

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today I am breaking away from my usual blog fare of writing about filmmaking or giving a film review. Today I want to write about a man who has had a wonderful influence on my life, and I do not go through a day without thinking about him. Although we have not always agreed, our “big picture” goals are consistent with things we DO agree upon: honesty, integrity, hard work, excellence, persistence, basically giving it (whatever that is) your best. Through the years, these things of importance have been modeled to us and their importance have been instilled upon us. Things such as:

The squeaky hinge gets oiled.

If you don’t get it the first time, try again.

God, family, and friends.

A short putt never goes in.

The quality of a man can be seen in the quality of his friends. Pick them wisely.

Telling the truth is always the right answer.

Family is the most important thing.

All you can do is your best.

Always give a man a chance.

Never give up.

Stand up for God and country.

You can do it.

There are plenty of good people in the world. Find them and surround yourself with them.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

These are some of the words of my father, and I am not talking about him today. I’m talking about my son Abraham. He is a wonderful, honest, hardworking man, who always gives his best. He also helps others do their best, which means between what he does, and what those around him do, more goodness comes into the world and the world is a better place. He has been honored with the Louie Armstrong Jazz Award at his high school, an award given out to only one student, once a year. This makes me extremely proud. But it isn’t the award as such that makes me proud. It is all of the hard work, the extra work, the practice, persistence, not cutting corners, dedication, and study, how he pushes himself, and how he does not take “good enough” as an answer, and everything else that has molded him into a quality young man that allowed him to be given this award – that is what I am most proud of. To him who gives his best.


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DVD Winner!

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

The winner of the free DVD giveaway of “Break Away” is thnitaproductions. Thanks for following and I hope you enjoy the film! We will be giving away a DVD copy of “Mother India” this week – drawing on May 3. Tell others to follow the blog for their chance to win!